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Best VoIP Service Provider as a Great Business Solution


Are you looking for a credible vendor of VoIP communications but don’t know which of them fits your needs most? With a myriad of servers out there, it could be a real challenge. As an innovative phone system, advanced technology of calls management is currently applied all over the world allowing users to enjoy high-end tools and make direct calls from almost any device like computer or smartphone.

Unlike usual heavy phone construction, VoIP solutions for small business are a much better alternative. That’s because it greatly lowers expenses especially if you use a high-quality telephony system in your activities.

Read on to find out more about how helpful VoIP software can be in business setting and what provider is best of all.

About VoIP Telephony in Greater Detail

If to give a brief definition of this kind of service, it is usually defined as a specific internet-based innovation that unlike landline one uses internet to make or receive calls.

To dig deeper into this term, it is a way of voice signal digitization and distribution of electronic voice information across an IP platform. To make the system itself work, there should be some way of call routing. This issue is easily managed through a virtual PBX as part of a cloud-based VoIP phone system.

VoIP Service Provider
VoIP Service Provider

Key Advantages

Perhaps the greatest benefit of this kind of innovation is the ability to get maximum freedom and flexibility in all sorts of environments, mainly because it greatly simplifies the activity of companies of all sizes.

Other important characteristics of VoIP phone service for business include the following:

  • Incoming calls are usually received through desktop apps installed on computers and special phone sets based on the same technology as well as mobile software including both Android and iOS;
  • It’s possible to use a single number anywhere you wish and share it with colleagues;
  • You may also control tracking of the length of conversation, monitor wait and hold times, as well as change general settings the way you need;
  • Most IP technologies for enterprises also have caller ID feature, unlimited add-ons, and much more – all this provides you with a phone number for business purposes so that you won’t have to share your personal one with clientele;
  • Using a cheap VoIP service is not a problem. Even more than that, it’ll give you a chance to check out all available functions at a lower price, which mainly refers to both global and local call fees.

Many well-known vendors also offer such functions as online conference, messaging, SMS services and faxing among others.

What’s offered by Zorra

As a leader in telephony segment, Zorra has many services and propositions on offer. They include:

  • VoIP as a high-tech innovation specially designed for small and wide-scale organizations;
  • Cloud-based PBX as a special system for companies that uses IP communications and allows controlling and regulating routing of calls in line with one’s needs and demands;
  • SMS-mailing opportunity as a key to improving interaction between users through messaging tools;
  • Three ways of number confirmation which include verification by outgoing and incoming calls and SMS;
  • Auto Informer as a way of redirecting clients to PBX system, in which way they are supposed to listen to audio recording after answering a call;
  • HLR inquiry as a way to provide information about client’s number;
  • Autocaller as yet another effective tool for companies.

In addition, before testing any kind of service, it’s worth knowing more about the respective technologies to find out what benefits they could bring in your circumstances. Thus, many users are wondering if it’s necessary to open VoIP ports to connect with device. In most cases, everything here is done automatically so you’ll hardly face any problem while using the needed instruments and tools.

Why IP Telephony is a Perfect Solution in Business World


No matter whether you’re an owner of a startup enterprise with only a few employees or an already developed organization with 100+ employees, you’ll definitely find this type of solutions highly beneficial in any business operations. Meanwhile, choosing the best provider may also be challenging which largely depends on such factors as quality of calling, ease of usage, VoIP pricing, as well as presence of all features needed.

The key to understanding whether your enterprise needs telephony and why it may be helpful for businessmen in particular is its ability to improve sales and build trust between employees, leaders and customers. Whereas some users prefer contacting someone by email, others are more inclined to use instant means of communication – it largely depends on the industry segment you’re operating in. This is where VoIP server solutions may come in handy.

Many companies also provide a live chat feature and mention private phone numbers on their sites. However, giving customers more opportunities to contact the firm can improve quality of customer support and increase sales. Basically, it doesn’t matter what kind of industry segment you’re engaged in. Regardless of your sphere of activity, Zorra as a trusted vendor will definitely help you achieve business growth without unwanted costs.


Advantages of organizing telephony based on SIP trunks

  • VoIP Service Provider
    Calls to almost all countries of the world
  • VoIP Service Provider
    Premium quality channels
  • VoIP Service Provider
    No geographical restrictions
  • VoIP Service Provider
    Stable connection
  • VoIP Service Provider
    24/7 Technical support
  • VoIP Service Provider
    Detailed usage statistics