Terms of use

To get the right to use Zorra Telecom services You have to accept the terms and conditions of a given Treaty and click on “Registration”. Given Terms and Conditions extend on all Services rendered under the Treaty, concluded between Zorra Telecom and You as a user. Services from Zorra Telecom side can be provided by operators listed under Definitions. Besides that, the fact of using Your User Account and Zorra Telecom services means that You are agreed with terms and conditions, contained either in this document or in its following revisions.

Electronic signatures and treaty (-ies). You confirm and agree with that by clicking on “I accept Terms of Use,“ You become a party to a treaty, having in possession binding legal effect. Hereby You express Your acceptance on using electronic means with the intent for concluding contracts, placing orders and other data transfer, and also for electronic delivery of notifications, regulatory documents and operations data, started or ended with the using of Zorra Telecom services. Besides that hereby You disclaim, within the ambit of affirmatively authorized by the correspondent provisions of effective legislation, from any rights and demands, guaranteed under the laws and regulations of any jurisdiction, demanding the presence of personal (not electronic) signature and physical way of delivery and keeping of documents, not available in electronic form.

Emergency calling is forbidden. Zorra Telecom services are not supposed for emergency telephone call support and can not be used for those purposes. You understand and agree with that, accepting terms and conditions of that treaty.

Jurisdictional restriction. You have the right to use Zorra Telecom in any country if it's not contrary to the laws of that country. If You want to use this Service on the terrene where the usage of Zorra Telecom services are not prescribed by legislation or forbidden, You have no right to conclude given treaty and to use Zorra Telecom Services.

By accepting the terms and conditions of given Treaty You confirm that Your usage of Zorra Telecom services on the terrene of Your living is permitted by the legislation. Moreover, if You live on the terrene of jurisdiction, the legislation of which lay under age limits on the usage of internet-applications or concluding treaties, which have a legal effect such as given Treaty do, and You are the subject of given jurisdiction who do not qualify the demands of age qualifications, You have no right to conclude given Treaty and to use Zorra Telecom services.

By accepting the terms of this Agreement, the user confirms that he has reached the age of majority, has sufficient capacity and legal capacity and is entitled to accept the terms of this Agreement.


1.1. Account — Your account from which payments for Zorra Telecom services are made.

1.2. Treaty or agreement - a bilateral User Agreement, under which the Operator undertakes to provide the User with communication services, and the latter undertakes to pay for them.

1.3. Emergency calling – services on providing user contact with representatives of emergency or public security centre.

1.4. Commercial user agreement — agreement for commercial users concluded with You on usage of Zorra Telecom software.

1.5. Password — chosen by You code which coupled with Your login gives You the right to access Your Account.

1.6. Balance on Zorra Telecom account — source to pay by user the services from zadrama.com or other services and goods which can be offered by Zorra Telecom in future.

1.7. Zorra Telecom number — means number, provided to Your to use Zorra Telecom.

1.8. Zorra Telecom software - software distributed by Zorra Telecom for usage in sphere of IP-telephony - which provide You with possibility to use Zorra Telecom Services, including, among other issues, new, upgraded and fixed versions of such software.

1.9. Terms of Use — given common regulations and provision which are the part of Treaty and cover its contain apart, in which form they are provided.

1.10. Login — chosen by You identifying code which coupled with the Password gives You the right to access Your Account.

1.11. Services — total of paid services and program possibilities provided by Zorra Telecom, and also other services which Zorra Telecom can offer in future.

1.12. Website - the Contractor's web resource on the Internet at www.zorra.com.

1.13. You, the User, — real or legal person who is a user of Zorra Telecom services.


2.1. Zorra Telecom services. You understand and agree that Zorra Telecom services are not traditional telephone services and not supposed to use as a replacement for traditional telephony. Between traditional telephone services and Zorra Telecom Services exist essential differences, some of them, but possibly not all, are described in given «Terms of Use».

2.1.1. Speech recognition service. Within the concluded contract for the provision of communication services, solely for their own convenience and in their own interest, Zorra Telecom Users can enable Speech Recognition service that transcribes voice data into text. The service is activated in the personal account. Zorra Telecom does not guarantee or claim the correctness, accuracy or reliability of the results that can be obtained using the Speech Recognition service.

2.2. Warranty absence. Zorra Telecom set a goal to provide the services with minimal interruptions. Nevertheless, Zorra Telecom can not guarantee constant providing of uninterrupted, in-time and free of other limitations Services. You understand that as the technology functions on basis of internet-networks and public phone lines there is a possibility of appearing power failures or Internet interruptions which can lead to interruptions in process of Your usage Zorra Telecom Services, such as delay and corruption because of partial loss of transferred data. Moreover, You understand that information transferred by switched telephone networks of public use are not encoded and can be listened by law enforcement agencies or other third organizations and persons who use public Internet-networks. Zorra Telecom does not bear responsibility for any interruptions, delays, listening and other limitations in performance.

2.3. Control absence. You note and agree with that Zorra Telecom does not possess any information neither about fact(s) of information exchange with the usage of Zorra Telecom software nor about that information which is transferred in such way and does not control this process. Full responsibility for the content of information exchange lies on a person who is the source of transferred information. Consequently, You can become the receiver of information of insulting, indecent or other undesired character or harmful for children. Zorra Telecom does not bear responsibility for the content of any informational exchange accomplished with the usage of Zorra Telecom Services.

2.4. Services suspense and cancellation. Zorra Telecom has the right, herewith not to incur civil responsibility, to deny Services providing, restrict or set limits of their usage, fully or partially suspend or break Services providing not informing You about maintenance, modernization and (or) advancing of Services, or about any other reason of service breakdown in line with article 12.3 of given “Terms of Use”.

2.5. Technical modifications. Zorra Telecom can make changes in technical aspects of Services accordingly to changes in consumer demand and latest technological developments at its convenience and without preliminary informing You about it.

2.6. Confidentiality and personal data. Zorra Telecom respects all rights and laws in the field of privacy and personal data protection.


3.1. Usage of Zorra Telecom Services. You lie under obligation to use the Services in correspondence with given «Terms of Use», agreement for commercial users and requirements of correspondent legislation.

3.2. Information. You lie under obligation to timely provide Zorra Telecom with any reliable data and information, which proves these data, necessary for Zorra Telecom, for due performance of its obligations on Services providing.

3.3. Temporary stop in services rendering. If any data, required for Services rendering, are not held by Zorra Telecom or given not in time or contrary to treaty provisions, and also if You break Treaty obligations, Zorra Telecom has the right to stop temporary Services rendering.

3.4. Legality of activity. You lie under obligation to use Zorra Telecom Services only in legitimate purposes. In this content You have no right (a) to intercept or keep track, break informational exchange or make changes if You are not side of this exchange; (b) spread any mass commercial messages, forbidden by acting legislation; (c) use Your Account or Zorra Telecom services rascally; (d) subject any other user to materials of insulting, indecent or other undesired character or harmful for children and also (e) in other way break the Terms of Use of Zorra Telecom.

3.5. Responsibility limitation. You lie under obligation to restrict Zorra Telecom from civil responsibility and protect from any actionable complaint and actions of third persons, judicial settlement and expenses, including, besides all, reasonable legal expenses, beared by Zorra Telecom as a result of Your breaking the Terms of Use, correspondent legislation and rights of third persons, and also as a result of incorrect usage of Zorra Telecom Services.


4.1. Login, Password, Account. In order for You to use Services, Zorra Telecom gives Account. You are responsible for Your Login and Password Privacy Policy adherence. You are responsible for any actions made with the usage of Your Login, Password and Account even if these actions were made without Your permission.

4.2. Notification and responsibility restriction. You lie under obligation immediately in writing to inform Zorra Telecom about any unauthorized and/or fraudulent usage of Your Login, Password and Account. Zorra Telecom does not bear responsibility for any harm as a result of unauthorized and/or fraudulent usage of Your Login and password and also unauthorized usage of Your Account.

4.3. Changing of Login and Password. Zorra Telecom retains the right of changing Your Login and Password with the intent of performance providing or for prevention of fraudulent usage of Your Account.


5.1. Credit balance. Account balance on Zorra Telecom is created by depositing on Your Account sum of money with the help of electronic payment system or other means of payment which can be offered by Zorra Telecom.


6.1. Payments. For establishment of credit on usage Services You have to transfer funds (minimal payment) in favour of Zorra Telecom, which will be deposited on your Account.

6.2. Tariffs changing. Zorra Telecom reserves the right in any time to change tariffs. The fact of Your further usage of Services after launching new tariffs constitutes as confirmation of Your agreement with tariff changes.

6.3. Positive account balance and service extension with negative balance. Zorra Telecom paid services are provided with balance above zero and enough funds on your account balance.

6.4. Payment processing. Zorra Telecom services are provided by one of the Operators listed under Definitions (item 1.14).

6.5. Payer data. Zorra Telecom will not sell, purchase, provide, exchange or in any other manner disclose Account or Transaction data, or personal information of or about a Cardholder to anyone, except, it’s Acquirer, Visa/Mastercard Corporations or in response to valid government demands.


7.1. Absence of responsibility for direct and indirect loss. In all degree admissible by correspondent legislation Zorra Telecom will never bear responsibility for any direct or indirect loss (including, among other issues, the loss as a result of the loss of profit, release of private and other information, interruptions in operation of a business or privacy violation and other anyway concerned with use or impossibility of the use of Services), even though Zorra Telecom was informed about the possibility of such occurrence of loss and even though undertaken measurements had no desired effect.

7.2. Special refusal from responsibility in connection with emergency calls. Services provided by Zorra Telecom do not include emergency calls. Zorra Telecom does not bear responsibility for any loss or damages and whatever complaints; and herewith You refuse, under correspondent legislation, from any actionable complaints or grounds for bringing of a suit in connection with usage of Services for the purpose to call members of emergency service. You lie under obligation to protect Zorra Telecom, under given Service provisions, from responsibility and guarantee its protection from any actionable complaints and demands for compensation for losses, damages, penal sanctions, charging, costs and expenditures (including, among other issues, legal charges) suffered by You or third persons in connection with Services providing impossibility, interruptions or disconnection of services, provided in terms of a given document, including any actionable complaints, which are the result of zadrma.com incompetency to provide an emergency call.

7.3. Provision slackitude of means for calling emergency. You note and agree with that none local or national rules, regulations or Statutes do not lay down on Zorra Telecom liabilities on providing means of emergency calls. Besides all, You take into notice that Zorra Telecom is not aimed for usage as a replacement for traditional telephony.

7.4. Jurisdiction limitations. Inasmuch, that some of prohibitions and limitations mentioned above do not possess legal effect, such prohibitions and limitations may appear invalid towards You. In that case, civil responsibility is limited in all degree, set by applicable legislation.


8.1. Force-majeure circumstances.You understand and agree that in case of an interruption in providing Zorra Telecom Services, which was a result of force-majeure circumstances, Zorra Telecom does not bear responsibility for breaching its obligations, set by given Services Provisions. Force-majeure circumstance is an any happening, independent from will of Zorra Telecom, including, among other issues, natural disasters, acts of civil disobedience or civil mess, war or war actions, state of emergency of national or local level, power failures, serious failures in work of the Internet, floods, earthflows and ground subsidence or severe weather patterns.

8.2. Consequences of force-majeure circumstances.In case of force-majeure circumstances, origin Zorra Telecom lies under obligation without delay according to its lights to inform You about supposed delay or time of delay in performance of obligations in front of You. Zorra Telecom does not bear responsibility for the consequences of force-majeure circumstances.


9.1. Duration. Treaty comes into effect when You accept its terms and conditions and remains valid till its denouncement by any of the parties in correspondence with given Services provision. If the initial self-definition of you as a communication services user and the data you provided do not match your actual legal status and location, then, in this case, the Agreement for the provision of communication services will be considered terminated, and you will need to conclude a new contract based on your legal status and actual location with the Operator that provides services in that location.

9.2. Termination of Treaty by Zorra Telecom. Without the restriction of means of judicial remedies and lesion pay-off Zorra Telecom can limit, stop or cease services providing and Your usage of services and Software of Zorra Telecom, prohibit access to Zorra Telecom, if we consider, that You violate given Services provisions, cause problems, possible civil liability, violate someone's intellectual property right, involved in fraudulent, immoral or illegal measures or by other similar reasons and without the right to appeal our measurements by judicial means. Zorra Telecom performs such cancellation of serviced providing, informing You on Your e-mail address, which You gave to us, and (or) termination of Your access to Your Account and Services.

9.3. Effects of Treaty termination. In the case of Treaty termination for any reason, You lose all rights of Services use and must stop any usage of Services.


10.1. Changes in Terms of Use. Zorra Telecom reserves the right in any time to change present Terms of Use by means of providing You with edited Terms of Use or by publication on Web-site of revised Treaty. The fact of the following usage of Services after publication of new Terms appear to be confirmation of Your acceptance with revised terms and conditions. If You refuse to accept that revised Terms of Use, You have the right to close Your Account, by sending written application on the postal address of the company or by e-mail on the e-mail address of Zorra Telecom.

10.2. Services Modifications. Zorra Telecom reserves the right of periodical modification of Services, e.g., to provide compliance with the requirements statutory and legislative acts. If You refuse to accept that modified Services, You have the right to close Your Account.

10.3. Partial Invalidity. If any condition or provision of a given document is rendered ineffective, unenforceable or without legal effect (all together or in particular circumstances), other provisions of given Terms of Use, nevertheless, must be considered as having full legal effect.


11.1. Phone number providing. Phone number providing, as well as automatic prolongation of use of phone number, are possible if there are enough funds on your account balance.

11.2. Insufficient funds. If there are not enough funds on your account balance, the phone number will be blocked. If during 7 days payment is not made, you will lose the number.

11.3. Phone number providing. Phone number providing, as well as automatic prolongation of use of phone number, are possible if there are enough funds on your account balance.

11.4. Insufficient funds. If there are not enough funds on your account balance, the phone number will be blocked.

11.5. Number confirmation for outgoing calls. By confirming a number and setting it as CallerID (calling party’s number), a client confirms that the that the owner of this number has no objections to its use as CallerID in Zorra Telecom service and that it does not contradict the telecommunications legislation of the country that issued the number and the agreement with the operator-owner of the number source.

11.6. Outgoing calls and SMS from virtual numbers. All outgoing calls and SMS from virtual numbers connected with Zorra Telecom services have to be routed through Zorra Telecom network. It is prohibited to direct outgoing calls and SMS messages through other networks without a prior agreement with Zorra Telecom.
Planting a flag "I agree with the Terms of Use" and/or keep using SIP-telephony services, you confirm that you got acquainted with given Terms of Use and give absolute agreement on fulfilment of conditions and provisions of the given treaty and provide Zorra Telecom with rights, worded in the given treaty.