Sending and receiving SMS


Best SMS-mailing Service as a Great Solution for Enterprises

Are you looking for a bulk SMS service provider but don’t know which one is better? To make the right choice, take a look at what opportunities it gives to make sure it meets your needs and expectations. Basically, messaging is a cost-efficient tool that greatly improves communication between users and makes interaction with clients many times easier. It also gives a chance not to waste too much effort or time.

Besides, online texting software is often associated with optimizing the process of mail delivery and making it smoother and faster. As a result, it is widely used by companies globally bringing numerous benefits to organizations and their clients.

Read further to find out what other opportunities it can give you and how it will help you in your activities.

Sending and receiving SMS
Sending and receiving SMS

How Mailing by SMS Is Used

The use of mail lists means not only sending single messages but also distributing a great number of instant SMS to a wide range of different recipients on any device necessary. High-end texting technology is a simple, user-friendly, quick, and cost-saving service applied in many business-related fields while the opportunities it gives are virtually endless.

When it comes to understanding why messaging is the right technology in marketing segment, it becomes clear that it gives you absolute reliability, security, and ease of use. With mass messaging, advertising is no longer a problem as it ensures target audience engagement giving a chance to dispatch promos to a set of recipients within just a few seconds.

Moreover, it’s possible to send SMS message sets directly to mobile phones through an encrypted and 100% secure channel, API or personal account. That’s exactly why bulk texting helps to attract new clients and boost sales through effective marketing campaigns.

Zorra Services: What’s on Offer?

As a trusted vendor of messaging tools, Zorra gives businesses everything necessary to guarantee their steady growth and development. Thus, main things you’ll get include:

  • Timely delivery with no delay;
  • Ability to change and customize instant text mails;
  • Affordable and always reasonable prices;
  • Auto SMS send option;
  • Quick setup of promotion campaigns;
  • Easy dispatch of commercials, newsletters, and notifications.

These and other options ensure rapid growth of enterprises as a key to their future success in chosen field.

Sending and receiving SMS
Sending and receiving SMS

What Mass Mailing Service Is All About

To give a brief definition of mass messaging, marketing based on this technology is usually perceived as a way of sending and receiving SMS messages with special propositions and offerings. Instant mails are delivered all over the world and it’s also easy to tailor each message taking into account customer needs. In other words, messages are customized based on what potential users may want to order.

Most importantly, they are delivered right on time with no delays or unwanted problems. As a result, the opportunity to send SMS online speeds up communication, gives maximum flexibility, and helps to widen customer base.

Key Benefits You’ll Get

As a primary advantage, texting is considered a much simpler and more effective alternative to standard forms of communication which have long become outdated. In fact, SMS mailing allows users to forward and get replies a lot faster with no need to invest excess amounts of time.

Bulk SMS sender software is a feature often used in business setting. Its main function is to let companies immediately reach out to a great many contacts in order to:

  • Deliver adverts and commercials;
  • Forward ads to promote your products or services;
  • Make regular announcements;
  • Send alerts about anything you’ve got on offer.

Perhaps the greatest benefit of mass texting opportunity is 100% convenience allowing users to receive news and announcements about anything you want them to know. Check it out yourself to get the first-hand experience and see if it works for you too.

Smart databases

SMS messages sent every month using smart SMS newsletters

Sending by date

Connections established with Zorra servers

Using Macros

You can specify macros to personalize the message.

Success is just around the corner!

Mass messaging or sending SMS messages can reach more target audience than other personalized advertising channels.

In addition to coverage, the list of benefits:

  • low price;
  • the percentage of opening messages from 80%;
  • use of a ready-made base of numbers;
  • performance is measured;
  • personal offer effect;
  • setting up a campaign takes only a few minutes.
It is enough to try once to understand how it is profitable and convenient. In some niches, SMS leads more buyers than print and online advertising combined. Do not miss the opportunity to competently reduce your marketing budget or set up a completely new channel of communication with customers by sending short text messages.

Why IP Telephony is a Perfect Solution in Business World


No matter whether you’re an owner of a startup enterprise with only a few employees or an already developed organization with 100+ employees, you’ll definitely find this type of solutions highly beneficial in any business operations. Meanwhile, choosing the best provider may also be challenging which largely depends on such factors as quality of calling, ease of usage, VoIP pricing, as well as presence of all features needed.

The key to understanding whether your enterprise needs telephony and why it may be helpful for businessmen in particular is its ability to improve sales and build trust between employees, leaders and customers. Whereas some users prefer contacting someone by email, others are more inclined to use instant means of communication – it largely depends on the industry segment you’re operating in. This is where VoIP server solutions may come in handy.

Many companies also provide a live chat feature and mention private phone numbers on their sites. However, giving customers more opportunities to contact the firm can improve quality of customer support and increase sales. Basically, it doesn’t matter what kind of industry segment you’re engaged in. Regardless of your sphere of activity, Zorra as a trusted vendor will definitely help you achieve business growth without unwanted costs.