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Powered by Zorra technology, SMS mailing is a potent communication tool

Send alerts to customers and employees worldwide. Send targeted messages depending on recipient location, sender's name, or short or long codes. Our high-speed channels allow instant delivery of your messages without any delays.

Send transactional SMS notifications and promotional messages. You can be sure that your database is securely stored and won't be leaked online. All connections are protected by encryption protocols.

If you wish to drive new customers to your business, there is an option of bulk messaging across mobile providers' databases. Attract the traffic and convert it into customers. This type of marketing is very effective and brings high conversion rates and CTR.

Our advantages


Smart databases

Flexible ways of managing your recipients will help you cut your costs


Schedule the date when you need your messages to be sent

The option to send notifications on a specified date will help you plan important campaigns



The use of macros allows individual approach to each client

Integration with Zorra's mobile marketing services will help you strengthen your current position on the market and reach new horizons

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