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The perfect communication channel for your business

We offer the ability to connect your servers to Zorra's VoIP telephony systems. Regardless of the location of your server, you will have a stable connection and high-quality telecommunications capabilities at a low cost. This is achieved through geographic decentralization of our SIP and RTP servers. In addition, there are no restrictions on channel sizes and the number of connected servers.

Using a virtual channel (SIP trunk), we can integrate multiple telephony servers into a single network, making it possible for them to share the same phone numbers and use the same telecommunications service providers, including mobile, landline and VoIP.

Connect your server to Zorra to get access to an easy-to-use hardware-software VoIP system and take advantage of high-quality channels of communication with the world.

Advantages of using VoIP-based SIP trunks


Make calls to almost any country in the world


Premium quality channels


No geographical restrictions


Stable connection


24/7 technical support


Detailed usage statistics

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