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HLR lookup is probably the best tool for cost optimization of SMS mailings

HLR lookup allows you to determine inactive mobile numbers in order to exclude them from your database. HLR verification does not alert the mobile phone user in any way, meaning your enquiry is entirely confidential. HLR (Home Location Register) is a database that contains information about any GSM mobile number.

By making a query to the Home Location Register, the lookup service determines whether that number is currently active in a mobile network, whether it is roaming, and whether it was ported from another network.

Checking your SMS mailing database and removing invalid mobile phone users from the list of recipients before sending out bulk messages can significantly reduce your costs and increase message delivery rate.

We only work with proven and reliable suppliers of mobile number databases, providing our customers with the highest level of service.

Advantages of using Zorra's HLR lookup service


Processing rate of up to 3,000 requests per minute


Possibility to use HTTP or SMPP connection


24/7 technical support

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