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A wide range of possibilities

Using the API code, you can request your account data, check phone numbers, receive statistics and specific information about voice calls, view sent and received text messages, as well as create and send new ones.

Besides being able to sned requests from remote servers and web clients, the API functionality allows you to integrate the capabilities of modern Internet telephony into popular business applications. Upon receipt of an incoming call, you can use your own customer database to retrieve caller information on the screen and see their order history, make voice calls in one click, create and send required documents, as well as listen to previously recorded phone conversations.

A concise list of modifications and actions available via API:


Buy additional phone numbers.


Edit your phone number database.


Use administrative tools.


Upload user recipient databases for mailings.


Send SMS


Download statistics

API features

All Zorra's API functions are provided by means of exchanging data between the server and client applications via HTTP or HTTPS protocol. In order to login to Zorra services, you are required to enter your unique system identifier in the Username field.

A single API protocol is used to handle all your resources as well as available telecommunication services provided by Zorra. The API processes all the incoming requests and carries out data exchange with enabled client applications.

Please refer to additional documentation for detailed information on user authentication and confidential data protection. If you encounter any issues while using the service, they will be immediately resolved by our technical support team.

Unlimited options for the modification of settings and access to data.

Using the API, Zorra's clients get secure access to all necessary data, functions and included resources. You can view any available information, change settings and metadata, and use all the features of available software.

Please refer to additional documentation provided by Zorra for detailed information on using API resources.

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