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Once connected to Zorra's services, you will be able to make voice calls to phone numbers all over the world at the lowest rates!

The main difference between the VoIP technology and traditional phone systems is that the former offers complete freedom from hardwired phone lines and allows you to make and receive calls from anywhere in the world using the Internet. Traditional telephony relies on circuit switching, where landline phone calls are routed through numerous switches in order for a connection to be established. Computers and Internet phones connect with each other through a system of unique IP addresses.

In order to enable the transmission of voice information via the Internet, analog voice signals are digitized and then decoded back into sound vibrations we hear from the speaker or handset. If the computer or specialized phone (softphone) you are calling has a static IP address, the call will be free of charge.

However, many calls have to travel through landline and mobile circuits, and businesses need to build and maintain a corporate telecommunications network. Therefore, in order to make full use of the numerous advantages of Internet telephony, it is necessary to utilize the resources and software environment offered by a specialized company that provides VoIP services.

Technically, the ability to make cheap calls to landline and mobile phones around the world is achieved through using service providers that offer the most competitive rates for a specific destination. Large-scale companies working with international partners are offered the opportunity to purchase a virtual local number in the city of their choice. All they have to pay is a small monthly charge while making and receiving calls for free.

Zorra's VoIP customers won't have to learn the technical details of international and long-distance communication. All voice calls are implemented using the resources of a cloud-based PBX, configured with the service provider. Nowadays, you don't need a landline to build your office phone system. All IP telephony requires is an Internet access.

The advantages of using Zorra's VoIP services are obvious:


Significant reduction of telephony costs. For our clients, the cost of calls to international partners and customers is often equal (or almost equal) to the cost of domestic calls.


Unlimited scalability of the phone number database stored in your office phone network. Once you sign up for our services, you will be able to administer your network and register new phone numbers on our server using the Control Panel.


Communications without limits. Internet telephony makes it possible to combine a large company's structural subdivisions located around the world into a single network and make toll-free calls within this network.


Improvement of all business processes in the company thanks to the unique features of a virtual PBX, such as voice menu, flexible call forwarding, call recording for 100% of calls, maintaining statistics and using special corporate software.

If you are interested in our offer, Zorra is happy to provide the opportunity to try all our VoIP services in free test mode. Sing up!

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