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About the company

Zorra is an international company dedicated to fulfilling any client's need. Our data centers are located on all continents of the Earth. An extensive network of international telecommunications partners and our strategic infrastructure allow us to provide you with the most reliable and quality oriented professional telecommunications services, regardless of your location.

We are not afraid of a challenge

Our experience makes it possible to approach every project individually and meet our clients' business needs regardless of their destinations. You can learn more about the full range of our services or contact us for a free professional consultation.

We love what we do

Forget the conventional telephony. Our proprietary solutions allow us to offer impeccable telecommunication services anywhere in the world at the lowest rates. Thanks to a strong network of partners, the quality of your connection will always be perfect.

We want to and we can work with you

Our team always seeks professional cooperation built on mutual respect. If you still have not chosen a telecommunications provider for your business, we would be pleased to advise you on our services and solutions.

30,000 calls/month
50 million SMS/month
355 satisfied clients

Our Partners

Still have questions?

Zorra's experienced managers and technical specialists are ready to answer any of your questions. Leave your contact details, or contact us directly using any convenient way.