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Enable voice calls to any number around the world.


SMS mailings

SMS mailings across continents, with an option to specify your company as message originator when it is displayed on recipient mobile.


HLR lookup

Boost the effectiveness of SMS mailings. Check the status of mobile numbers and save your budget.


Virtual PBX

Our cloud PBX solutions allow building communication networks tailored to your needs. No limits.

Full control

We offer a brand new, unique product for your business. Take full control, save more, and achieve your goals.

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Fine tuning

With the right approach, any task can be tackled. Our solutions let you use our services the way you need.

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24/7 tech support

Our specialists are ready to respond to all questions and help you solve any problems related to our service, around the clock.

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SMS messages are sent every month with our smart SMS mailing

connections are established with Zorra's servers

minutes of voice calls are made every month via secure channels

What do we do?


We apply the right technology in the right place

We create unique telecommunication solutions based on popular open source systems and our own proprietary technology.


We listen well and understand
every client's needs

Our team of managers and technical experts are ready to work with customers and businesses of all shapes and sizes. We ensure prompt resolution of any organizational matter and provide professional engineering support at any time of the day.


We respond to your needs responsibly

We NEVER neglect the needs of our customers and are ready to do everything we can to make sure that Zorra helps you fully implement your plans.

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A simple registration form, intuitive settings and our friendly support team will help you to get started.

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