Virtual PBX



Advanced functionality
for Internet telephony


The friendly and intuitive interface of Zorra's virtual PBX is combined with powerful functionality.

Along with the standard functionality of modern Internet telephony, users are provided with additional tools, such as API integration, proprietary smart tools, and many other solutions.


Virtual PBX is much more than just an online telephone exchange. It is a comprehensive solution allowing to make the most of your communications at a minimal cost.

It is important for us that you get exactly what you need to advance your business.

Advantages of Zorra's virtual PBX

We offer the best technical resources and functionality:

  • Instant installation of business telephone systems anywhere in the world

  • Secure access to the Control Panel

  • All the benefits of incoming calls processing, flexible call forwarding

  • Possibility to choose inbound and outbound call service providers depending on your location

  • Perfect conditions for effective operation of your own call center

  • Voice menu, telephone answering system and virtual receptionist

  • Call tracking system and unique tools for call analytics

  • Digital recording of all telephone conversations, quick searching and listening

Unlimited possibilities of Internet telephony

We provide customers all over the world with a powerful software tool for telephone communication management.

Our customers get access to all Zorra's services, including voice calls, SMS mailings, secure messengers and other communication methods, combined in a single interface with a convenient API.


Are you ready to start making money with our service?

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