SMS mailing service



Based on Zorra technology, SMS mailing is a powerful
communication tool


Send notifications to your employees and customers around the world using SMS messaging. Use geotargeting, letter codes, shortcodes or longcodes.

There are no queues. SMS messages are delivered on time, without any delays.


Send transactional SMS notifications and promotional messages. Be sure that your information is securely stored.

All connections are protected by encryption protocols.


Attract new customers using mobile operator's databases. Make the most of your SMS mailings using up-to-date data and smart targeting solutions.

This type of advertising has high conversion rates and CTR.

  • Smart databases

  • Send
    by date

  • Enable macros

Success is just around the corner!

Bulk messaging/SMS mailing allows you to reach more of your target audience than any other personalized advertising channels. Not everyone uses Viber, Instagram or Facebook, but everyone can receive SMS messages, regardless of the type of the device they use.


In addition to coverage, the list of benefits includes:

  • low cost per lead;
  • 80% open rate;
  • phone number database provided;
  • easily measured performance;
  • effect similar to that of a personal offer;
  • setting up a new campaign takes a few minutes.

It is enough to try once to see how profitable and convenient it is to use this service. In some niches, SMS mailings generate more customers than print and online advertising combined. Do not miss the opportunity to reduce your marketing budget or set up a completely new channel of communication with customers by sending short text messages.


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